Vadim Cepheus Q80

February 9, 2007 | 15:23

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The Cepheus Q80 machine is based around the Lian-Li V2100B Plus in black, and has been designed with a custom cut logo in the side. The flames at the bottom are standard and required to provide airflow for the internal water-cooling included.

The case is nothing short of what we have come to expect from a company like Lian Li – the build quality and attention to detail is right up there. The whole case is made from aluminium with a brushed finish on the outside. The finish provides a decent amount of scratch resistance and still looks great. The lockable front door feels solid and has dampening foam on the lips. It’s also slightly thicker than the rest of the case material giving it a nice but not excessive weighting.

The internals are pre-built with foam insulation for sound and vibration dampening, so cutting the case requires the use of water-jet cutters rather than laser cutting which would melt or set fire to the foam. The cuts are of exceptionally high quality, even tight corners: it’s certainly a professional job.

Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals
Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals
On the other side of the case sides, the finish is somewhat less attractive and we have seen better ways to finish off a custom window designs like this in our forums. However, you’re rarely going to open it up since it’s a pre-build with a warranty. From the outside it looks perfectly fine, with no hint of glue. In time, dust collecting on the nooks and crannies might become unsightly, but nothing a careful combined use of canned air jet and a vacuum cleaner can’t fix.

Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals
Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals Vadim Cepheus Q80 Externals
The front of the PC has the Vadim logo cut into it, with a blue/purple laser LED array behind it; this provides some nice ambient lighting when the PC is on. The laser LED cable is secured to the door and covered in blue spiral wrap to minimise the cable mess and visual impact. Whilst there’s also no way to turn it off, it isn’t that distracting unless you probably try to sleep with it in the same room.
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