Dell announces new, improved 24inch widescreen

Written by Brett Thomas

May 10, 2006 | 00:26

Tags: #2407 #hdcp #monitor #widescreen

Companies: #dell

Dell has recently added to their monitor lineup with an updated 2407 flat-panel display.

Many of bit-tech's members use Dell flat panel displays, and the 2405 has been an attractive purchase for quite a few. Therefore, those people might be a little annoyed to find out that the model has been revised to now provide HDCP support for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray playback. Alternatively, they might be alleviated to know that this is the only difference between the new and old models.

If you fancy buying one though, don't expect to get it quickly...Dell's site is estimating a 3 week ship date. And if you're looking for a competing monitor, there's not much that's even in this particular size range, much less with HDCP support. Even at 949 quid, though, we can bet this will be in some hot demand.

Got a thought on this? Got an older 2407 and are now upset to hear about it? Let us know in the usual place!
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