Win a Fiat Xbox Stilo

Written by Geoff Richards

September 5, 2005 | 16:20

Tags: #forza-motorsport #live #xbox-live

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a speed demon at Forza Motorsport on the Xbox, grab your race helmet and log on to Xbox Live for a chance to win a limited edition Fiat Xbox Stilo worth 12 grand!

Starting today, the Xbox UK Forza Challenge has gamers testing their driving skills by tearing around the short Silverstone II (Silverstone Short Circuit) in a TVR Tuscan R. You can race as many times as you like until the chequered flag falls at 3am on Monday 12th September.

The drivers with the top times will be invited to the final at the Forza Challenge finals on 24th September in Virgin Megastores� flagship Oxford Street store.

To enter, check out the official tournament website for details. You will need a copy of Forza Motorsport - one of the best driving games for Xbox anyway - and a Xbox Live account. If you don't already have Xbox Live, the chance to win a car is good an excuse as you'll ever get. Plus, your Live subscription will carry over if you're lucky enough to score a Xbox 360 for Christmas.

What makes this Stilo worth winning? The black metallic paint is certainly reminiscent of an Xbox, and with 17 inch alloys and bodykit, it's certainly a looker. The interior kicks ass too: the Xbox floor mats may not appeal to everyone, but the six-speaker stereo with 100w subwoofer and CD / MP3 player will please everyone except the neighbours. You can even crank up the volume using buttons mounted on the leather sports steering wheel.

Come to think of it, we think the esteemed editors at bit-tech should take it for a 'test drive' before they hand the keys over the the winner!

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