ASRock's one of the few motherboard manufacturers that fully embraces case modding specifically for its booth at Computex. This year carried the same mantra with an array of stunning mods ranging from elegant scratch builds to RGB fiestas. Unfortunately I captured a criminally low quantity of footage in hindsight, largely down to how busy the booth was. The mods were on the inside, and trying to get any real viewing space was nigh on impossible thanks to the newly announced motherboards being placed directly next to them. Next time hopefully more will be in open view where it's easier to see and document them!

Mark Celica's beautiful wood, brass and copper creation really stood out for me here; it almost resembled an artisan espresso machine more than a PC!


FSP is sort of an unexpected one in this list, seeing at it's chiefly known as a PSU OEM. However, much like last year it had a small troupe of mods on display, some of which really caught the eyes of the media. It's interesting to see that two of the mods were very much themed around model making, albeit from very different angles. Veteran Vietnamese modder Nhenhophach produced what I thought was a hilarious if macabre mod in the form of piggy day spa and pork ramen street vendor. I'm not usually one for model sets, but I think the humour and story was too good to pass up here, seeing the pigs progress from their happy lives into delicious meat below.

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